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What do people think of Plush Juice?

You seriously have to vape this to believe it, it is astonishing how realistic and enjoyable it is.
I don't give out 5's often, this one unequivocally deserves it.

Wump, JuiceDB

Absolutely delicious! True to profile and perfectly well done.

John Nathan, Cassadaga Liquids

Thank you to whom ever makes this stuff. I love you.

Plush Lover

Real Reviews, Real Flavor.

Even tough critics like Amir Gombiner from Vapun Magazine find Plush irresistible, and incredibly accurate to their profiles.

GUM "On inhale, there is a delivery of cool minty flavor notes that actually feels as if you have something chewy developing over your palate."

MINT "The wintergreen element on inhale is a mind boggling relaxation. As you wait for the exhale, you can feel as if a breath mint is dissolving on your tongue..."