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White Chocolate, Mint, Tobacco


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30ml Unicorn Bottle

A creamy, white chocolate mint, with a hint of tobacco.

Both menthol, and non-menthol fans will enjoy the refreshing, minty coolness of Caleb, a light tobacco vape on a creamy white chocolate base. Easily an all day vape that doesn't get tiring on the palate.

Inhale Cool mint, light tobacco to the sides of the tongue.
Exhale Crisp, cold mint. Tingly nose exhale.
Feel Moist, creamy and dense.
Room Note Subtle, cool mint.
Mix 9% PG / 91% VG

Shipped in LDPE Child Resist, Tamper Evident 30ml Unicorn Bottles.

Made with USP grade Propylene Glycol (PG), USP Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Natural and Artificial Flavors. May contain nicotine.